Friendly Forest Folk Garland Kit

Friendly Forest Folk Garland Kit

Fairies and pixies are perfect to entertain and feed little imaginations.  What better way to show your love and support for the new parents than by making and giving a personalised gift.  These friendly forest folk with their neutral yellows, greys and cream would look absolutely darling in any nursery colour scheme. 

The first time seeing the Cicely Mary Baker’s flower fairies, my eight-year-old brain could not believe that such wonderfully beautiful illustrations could exist if such things were not real.  The delicate features of rosy cheeked fairies, often with a look of mischief, still provide me with innocent escapism.  

  Winter jasmine flower fairy -Cicely Mary Baker

Cicely Mary Baker Flower Fairies – Primrose, Willow Catkin and Winter Jasmine

This Maiden Aunt kit allows you to design and make you own cute as a button friendly forest folk garland made up of individual peg dolls.  Peg dolls capture the spirit of craft perfectly – using imagination and an innate sense of play to transform everyday objects into something wonderful, even in times of hardship.  The tradition of making peg dolls started during WW2 when toy making stopped and children would make toys out of whatever they could find.  The Maiden Aunt Friendly Forest Fold Garland is a contemporary interpretation that still retains its design heritage.  It develops the felt templates by Tara Dennis. 

Enjoy a peaceful afternoon at home or get together a group of friends for a baby shower to make the garland.  You could even divide up the kit for people to make individually at home.  The forest folk are super easy to make and can be personalised with the baby’s name, a kind word (love, joy, dream, sleep, cute, brave) or the mother’s favourite pictures (animals, hearts, stars).  Write your name on them as a lasting reminder of your love and support for the parents and their little one.  

As with all Maiden Aunt kits, this kit includes all you need to make adorable peg dolls – you just need some sharp (preferably fabric) scissors and a box or a biscuit tin.  The felt is 100% wool made in Europe (so it won’t go bobbly and shiny).  This kit also includes a mini kit to make a card for the parents and the box used for the kit can also be used as a gift box.

If you loved that, then you’ll love using similar techniques to make present toppers, Christmas ornaments and peg doll fairies and ballerinas.  Check out our Pinterest board for the Maiden Aunt round up of the best projects.