What we offer

What we offer

Each Maiden Aunt kit provides you with everything you need to make a beautiful trend led piece to decorate yourself or your home. Our kits are carefully tailored to suit all abilities and so that everything is included. Any additional items required are limited to things that you would have at home already (e.g. scissors or a pencil). You will not need any specialist equipment or materials.

Use them for:

·       National Craft Club

·       Making at home

·       Bespoke events

National Craft Club

Get together with your friends for cake eating, chatting and making this month’s project.  All you need to do is find a venue and buy some Maiden Aunt kits.  Link up with other groups around the UK via the Maiden Aunt website, Facebook and Instagram.  You can participate every month or as often as you would like.  You will always find someone with whom to share the joy of making your kit.  You can also organise one off events for charity fundraising – how about a nice cup of tea and a Crafternoon?

Our Pinterest boards provide you with a peek into our design inspirations as well as with suggestions for additional ways of using new skills you have learnt

Making at home

Buy kits from current previous months to make at home and check out our socials for inspiration from others.


Bespoke events

Contact us for your own chilled out hen party making wedding presents or things for yourselves; or a baby shower making gifts for the little one and mum to be.  We can also develop kits for team-building and work social events.