Maiden Aunt is dedicated to making the mindfulness and delight of craft accessible to all.   We curate the best designs allowing you to make trend-led fashion and home accessories that are personal, unique and joyful.   

Maiden Aunt is creating a collective experience in person and over social media to share our crafty discoveries as widely as possible.  We want to create a positive space for making and socialising.  

Each month, we pick one item and craft and work with independent designers to develop workshops in that month that will be suitable for all abilities. If you can’t make it or want to organise your own event, there will also be a corresponding all you need kit.  We can then continue the conversation by sharing pictures and stories of our own versions of the make. 

You benefit from fresh, creative ideas.  Independent designers and businesses benefit from showcasing to customers in a different context.

We are so excited to see how this unique National Craft Club experiment will work. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more details.